Comic Book . Der Mond

Der Mond
University Illustration Project (2009)

The given topic was "Nacht und Nebel" (by night and fog).

I chose to draw a comic after the fairy tale "The Moon" written by Grimm Brothers.
It tells that the moon was once a round lantern on the top of a tree and was robbed
by four young men. They put it in their hometown on another tree and let people pay
them for the new light in the night. When they grew older and died, each one took
a piece of the moon into his grave so that it became dark again. But the light in the
underworld let the dead wake up. Petrus in heaven heard their noise and went down
to earth, took the moon and hung it - out of reach of greedy people - up in the sky.

Tools: pencil, fineliner

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